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Plastic Welding Machines

• Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines


Ultrasonic Press Type Basic Plastic Welding Machines

Frequency: 20 kHz
Power: 1200 W
Standard Features:
Customized Accessories:
  • Welding Mode : Weld Time, Hold Time
  • Time based Post and Pre-trigger
  • Least count for timers : 0.1 Sec
  • Non-Floating, Precision Booster
    (Different Gains Available)
  • Fine Adjustment of Head Travel
  • Level Adjustment Base Plate
  • Pneumatic Actuator Stroke : 100 mm
  • Spring loaded Head Stopper
  • Rotary Indexing Table
  • Single Generator With Multiple Welding Heads
    (Sequentially Operated)
  • Riveting / Spot Welding
  • Forming / Staking
  • Customized Welding Stands
  • Horns and Fixtures
Ultrasonic Press Type Plastic Welding Machines
Ultrasonic Press Type Digital Plastic Welding Machines
The Performace:
Ultrasonic Press Type Digital Plastic Welding Machines
With the unique Mecasonic Digital generator, particularly its “amplitude variation” function, allows performance and applications which, until now was only possible with the top of the range machines. It also offers : Robustness, precision, reliability, energy efficiency, ease of use and modular construction
Features and Specifications:
  • 20 KHz frequency with 2600 watts Nominal power.
  • Frequency lock between 20.2 to 19.4 KHz and Automatic Frequency tracking on +/- 500 Hz.
  • LCD display screen of 2 ½” x 1” window size with 4 x 16 alphanumeric characters digital display
    with bright back light and for adjustment of parameters
  • Two modes of Operation
Time mode window :- 0 to 300 secs. ( least count of 0.01 secs )
Energy mode window :- 0 to 2600 joules,
with lower and upper range settable limits. ( least count of 1 joule )
  • Additional Settable Parameters in the Generator like
Amplitude :- Variation from 50 to 100% in 10 steps with bar graph indication.
Power control window :- 0 to 2600W, with lower and upper range
settable limits. ( least count of 1 Watt )
  • Windows of results display
Ultrasonic frequency :- Frequency of stack ( KHz ).
Counters :- To view total No of cycles and welding defect counter.
Amplitude Level :- To view set level of amplitude.
Power Max :- To view max power consumed during last cycle.
Ready :- Display to show the machine is ready for next
cycle of operation
  • Power Factor Control ( PFC ) device is which maintains constant output amplitude and output power
    even with variation of input voltage between 180 Volts to 250 Volts and thus increases ultrasonic
    performance and consumes less current.
  • Access and selection of parameters through single rotary knob on generator.
  • LED Lamp indication for :
    System ready
    Ultrasonic ON
    Head movement
    Mains supply ON
  • Pneumatic air cylinder max stroke 100 mm.
  • Pneumatic air cylinder dia 63 mm with a force of 2000 N at 7 bar pressure.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Mains supply
  • Electrical input 230V single phase + earth.
  • Clean and dry Compressed air at 6 bar pressure @ 4 to 6 cfm.
  • Options
  • Sound enclosure
  • Foot / Pedal switch
• Hand Held :
600 / 1200 W and 20 kHz Frequency
Hand Held
• Tube Sealers :
Features :
Tube Sealers
15 to 25 tubes/min
Can be synchronised with tube filling systems.
Proven rugged design for leak proof seal.
Energy Efficient
Low Consumption of compressed air and electricity
No fumes or pungent smell
Fill, Seal, Trim and Code systems available
• Multi-Head:
Multi Head ultrasonic Welder
Multi Head ultrasonic Welder
• Toolings for Plastic Welding Machines
Toolings for Plastic Welding Machines
Ultrasonic Fixtures