• Solvent Based Cleaning Systems

Eco-friendly, Vacuum Assisted
Environment friendly ( Solvent Economy - Control negligible emission with in permissible limits, lesser operative costs )
Cleaning, Rinsing, Passivation, Vapor Degreasing, Extended rust protection, Hot air blow and Vacuum drying in Single chamber under vacuum
Consistent precision cleaning & spotless Drying
On - line & off-line Vacuum Distillation to maintain bath life
Complete recycle of system solvent and easy disposal
Halogenated Hydrocarbons / Chlorinated solvent can be used as Cleaning medium
Completely Automatic programmed Operation and flexible process operation completely automated PLC programming is touch screen and scada Interface.
Extremely High level of safety interlocks at Par with global standards
Process sequence and process cycle and Rotation can be define based on component requirement with flexible process timing
Rotation intermitted / start stop / Continuous
Optional ultrasonic cycle in all dip - processes
Extremely maintenance friendly
Solvent Based Cleaning Systems